Our services fall into three distinct but integral verticals.

Applied Data Science & Analytics

Fractional CIO

Agile RX

Applied Data Science and Analytics

We help companies build and deploy custom machine learning solutions that produce business value. Specializing in predictive modeling and natural language processing, we help companies generate revenue and save money with data they already have.

Our data scientists have experience across a variety of industries and use cases including: 

  • Client targeting recommendation: Focus marketing spend on the highest-potential prospects.
    Product recommendation: Increase revenue by offering the right products to the right clients at the right time.
  • Accelerated underwriting: In insurance, data-driven risk recommendations can support a faster underwriting process and reduced costs for underwriting requirements.
  • Servicing triage: Prioritize importance or identify complexity of client interactions (service requests, claim, etc.) to automate simpler requests or route for more efficient processing.
  • Better work-load planning: Determine the appropriate staffing levels for processing a variety or work-loads by leveraging historical patterns and data that can provide insights into fluctuations. 

Octavian offers a variety of data science service engagements, from executive and leadership overviews to exploratory assessments to solution deployment. We can help you develop your own in-house data science capability, work with you to identify the most promising data science opportunities, or build data science solutions end-to-end.

Case Study - Purchase Propensity

One of the nation’s largest life insurers wanted to increase share-of-wallet by optimizing targeting of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Predictive modeling was used to identify client subsets most likely to make first-time or subsequent purchases of key products. Using a business-focused data science approach along with in-house data the company already had, identified clients purchased at 3x the historical purchase rate.

Fractional CIO

While you likely have your base technology infrastructure built and running smoothly, you may not have the time or capability for high-level strategic thinking in order to put together technology roadmaps that not only support individual systems or projects, but the strategic goals of your business.

We look at your current and potential mixes of hardware, applications and your IT service offerings to create a robust IT solution that has the ability to adapt to changing business and market situations which match your business cycle. 
Our process begins with initial consultation and shadowing your IT teams to become familiar with the challenges at hand.  Next we develop long term IT planning that includes budget, staff allocations as well as a core set of goals to support.
Since we are a fractional CIO, which is essentially a service, your company avoids the cost and burden of a full-time executive employee.

Case Study: Demo Ride System

 A bike manufacturer needed a system to manage and queue demo rides at major events.  We produced two hardware and four software systems using scrum and delivered on budget in a  in a tight timeline.

Agile Consulting and Project Management

Thinking about implementing an agile project management system or, more likely, having difficulty executing in your current practice or getting it off the ground?

Our staff are not only professional trainers and coaches, but successful digital producers who have utilized agile project management practices to deliver software time and time again. We can quickly assess your team’s issues and make corrections that enable delivery and client satisfaction or execute an agile project management methodology that best suites your application’s needs. We are intimately familiar with Scrum, operational Kanban, Product and Program management and the Scaled Agile Framework.

While initiation of agile project management processes is critical, the real challenge is disciplined execution of methodologies throughout the product life-cycle.

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