“We need more leads!”

It’s not uncommon to hear this popular refrain from an under-pressure sales team.

But is it really true? Does bringing in more leads automatically result in an uptick in business?

Most folks thinking with a clear head will tell you the answer is no. Unfortunately, the pressure of making a sale doesn’t always lead to clear-headed thinking.

The truth is you want “better” leads, not just more leads. Simply bringing in more leads can equate to a lot of wasted time and money when it comes to lead outreach, management, and follow-up. However, bringing in better leads will often expedite those processes and equate to time well spent.

But how do you identify a better lead?

There’s many, many characteristics that can help differentiate a quality lead from a crummy lead – and they’re often hiding in plain sight! Taking a deep analytical dive into your company’s own cataloged customer data can have a profound effect and reshape your entire approach to sales & marketing. Trust us – we’ve seen it play out first-hand for some of Milwaukee’s most prestigious companies.

The analytics and resulting data science will improve your ability to segment and target your best possible customers and prospects.

So, when it comes to leads –remember, more isn’t better. Better is better.